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Research Dreams

I sometimes find some of my research interests too broad and futuristic, so I call them my research dreams.

While the fundamental ideas about programming haven’t changed much, in order to create a modern application, the learning barrier accumulated from small techniques is dreadful. Just look at the web: in 2017, you need to learn 9 different techniques to write a modern web application, even if you already own a related degree. Alternatively, you can build everything from scratch, but then you are entering the stone age where it’s excruciating to implement contemporary features, which you very likely want to have. Such huge barriers can make enthusiastic end users, and even professionals, turn their heads away when they want to experiment with interesting ideas. To tackle such problems, we can either build better abstract and declarative approaches such that fewer techniques are needed to finish a task, or customize the learning experience so the way to expertise can be more joyful and less meandering.

In general, I dream about decreasing the efforts one will need to gain development expertise, which means being capable of efficiently write(not necessarily manually) code to meet functional specifications. Currently, the following topics are on my radar: